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  • Is Screencast free?

    Yes, this app is free to download onto your computer. The free version has limited features, however. You will need to pay for the full version to gain access to all of its advanced tools. The developers charge an annual subscription fee for this but many users will find that the free edition offers them more than enough as a video utility.

  • Is Screencast safe?

    This app is tried-and-tested and used by many people around the globe without issues. It is free from viruses and will not cause problems with your computer once you begin running it.

  • Does Screencast record sound?

    Yes, this program allows you to record audio in two ways. Firstly, you can connect it to your computer's audio input. This means being able to plug in a microphone and narrate about the things that are on screen. Alternatively, use it to capture the audio your computer is receiving, for example from a DVD you are playing.

  • How does Screencast work?

    The software allows you to record a designated section of your computer's screen as well as its audio in order to create a new video file. It is great for creating tutorials or showing someone else what you are seeing on your computer.

  • Does Screencast work with PCs and Macs?

    There are different versions of the program which are designed to be used with their respective operating systems. Both Mac OS and Windows users will find a version that will function well with their system.

  • Can I upload to YouTube using Screencast O Matic?

    This software package is designed to create screenshot videos that are ready for uploading to a number of social media sites, such as YouTube. Publishing to YouTube is possible with the free version, but other sites will require you to upgrade to the Pro edition.

  • What is a Screencast watermark?

    Once you have created a video using this software, it is possible to add your company logo or whatever image you like as a watermark which will help to identify it as your creation once you have shared it online. Watermarks are often used to prove ownership of videos once they've been uploaded to sites like YouTube.

  • How do I edit using Screencast?

    There are a number of editing tools available with this software system but they are only available with the Pro edition. Using the free version limits the edits you can make but it remains an extremely useful tool despite this.

  • How long can videos be using Screencast O Matic?

    It is possible to record up to 15 minutes of video screenshots using this app. The Pro edition will allow you to make longer recordings, however.

  • Can I record my webcam with Screencast?

    Yes, this program is designed to record your screen as well as your webcam so you can use it in either mode, depending on your preference. Once you have made a webcam recording, you can save it as a video file in just the same way as you would with a screenshot video.